Jamie Casino Law Group - Superbowl Commercial

Earlier this month I was asked to be the Director and Cinematographer for a 2 minute Commercial for Jamie Casino Law Group that will air during halftime of the "Big Game."  We shot on the RED EPIC with Zeiss Compact Primes. We incorporated a Jimmy Jib for our NIght/Rain shoot and my simple Matthews Doorway Dolly for the rest of the shoot. There was a great deal of FIre, Smoke, Rain, and talented crew to run the operation. Eric Darling: Producer, Bobbie Harley: Production Designer, Angelique Chase: 1st A.D., Chip Lane: Locations Manager, Zack Graber: 1st A.C., Matt Dixon: 2nd A.C./DIT, Rob Duvall: Key Grip, Scott Galatolie: Electrician, John Michael Doorman: Grip, Doug Suttle: Jimmy Jib, Ron Suttle: Jimmy Jib Tech, Stephen Withers: Visual Effects Supervisor, Bob Shelley's Special Effects Team and Tim GIll: Director/Cinematographer.

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