Jamie Casino's 2nd Super Bowl Ad

Local Attorney Jamie Casino producing second Super Bowl ad

Posted: Jan 05, 2015 12:26 PM ESTUpdated: Jan 05, 2015 12:26 PM EST
Attorney Jamie Casino
SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -Local Attorney Jamie Casino has confirmed to WTOC that he has filmed a new Super Bowl commercial to air during halftime this year, and he says, "It will be epic".

Last year, Casino put out a two-minute long ad that garnered national attention, but this year, he isn't giving up any details so far.

According to several sources, some of it may have been filmed at the Savannah Arts Academy, but he will not confirm that information either.

Jamie Casino Law Group - Superbowl Commercial

Earlier this month I was asked to be the Director and Cinematographer for a 2 minute Commercial for Jamie Casino Law Group that will air during halftime of the "Big Game."  We shot on the RED EPIC with Zeiss Compact Primes. We incorporated a Jimmy Jib for our NIght/Rain shoot and my simple Matthews Doorway Dolly for the rest of the shoot. There was a great deal of FIre, Smoke, Rain, and talented crew to run the operation. Eric Darling: Producer, Bobbie Harley: Production Designer, Angelique Chase: 1st A.D., Chip Lane: Locations Manager, Zack Graber: 1st A.C., Matt Dixon: 2nd A.C./DIT, Rob Duvall: Key Grip, Scott Galatolie: Electrician, John Michael Doorman: Grip, Doug Suttle: Jimmy Jib, Ron Suttle: Jimmy Jib Tech, Stephen Withers: Visual Effects Supervisor, Bob Shelley's Special Effects Team and Tim GIll: Director/Cinematographer.

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