Tim Gill is an award winning Director of Photography/Cinematographer, from Savannah, GA. He earned his BFA Degree in Cinema & Photography from Ithaca College and has been working in the industry for more than 15 years. Tim is based in Savannah and Atlanta, Georgia but shoots for a variety of clients and Directors worldwide. He transitions, with ease, between Feature, Documentary, Reality, Commercial and Corporate projects. He has worked with many of the most popular camera platforms available, and is always eager to get creative with new, old and experimental formats and techniques. And although, proper tools and equipment are essential, it's Tim's dedication to the Director's Vision, an acute attention to style and a cool demeanor that makes Tim Gill, a vital asset to any film production. Please visit the Show Reel  page to view some of Tim's work. We own, or have quick access to, a diverse arsenal of filmmaking tools and toys, including a full RED Epic Dragon Package. There's also a variety of other Camera Packages available, as well as several Grip & Electric options. Let's Shoot!